Cropped Long Sleeve: Forever 21

Parka Vest: Garage Co.

Necklace: Local Boutique

Belt: Vintage


Watch: Michael Kors

Rings: Forever 21/ Aldo Accessories

Nail Polish: Wet n’ Wild Mega Last (215B – Haze Of Love)


Jeans: Garage Co.

Cut Out Boots: Charlotte Russe


Bag: Michael Kors

Save Rock and Roll: Outfit

If you know me, you know that I’m pretty much a mess and that I can never find the right piece of clothing anywhere, anytime. That’s a huge uh oh for me, because well… I can’t find anything when I need it! Knowing my downfall, the day before I spent my night picking out an outfit! Then I of course had to change it because I was and am oh so indecisive. I can’t make a serious decision for my life, so I spent the morning before the concert searching for the perfect outfit with a friend. With the help of my fashionista friend, I think it turned out perfect. Which worked out really well, because I had a pretty good darn night.


20130918-174614.jpgThis is my overall outfit, cozy and comfortable just the way I like it. It was warm enough to withstand this insane bipolar Canadian weather, and comfortable to be jumping in all night. I loved the little slit on this midi dress, cause it’s just an extra touch that makes this outfit really trendy and modern. The knit sweater kept me warm all night and the leather jacket was an extra barrier protecting me from the chills. The scarf was a life saver keeping me warm, and in my opinion rather cute and not weather confused (I tend to be half the time). And of course, the boots were perfect for the sandy environment and the little heel helped too… trust I need all the extra height that I can get.

Dress: Mendocino

Knit Sweater: Forever 21

Leather Jacket: H&M

Scarf: Wilfred

Combat Boots: Charlotte Russe

Tote Bag: Michael Kors

Save Rock and Roll Tour: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and Twenty One Pilots

I think you’ve heard me enough saying that I love and live for concerts. So, of course when I heard that Fall Out Boy was coming to Toronto, I knew I had to go (another complete on my bucket list!). My friend had connections to the Echo Beach venue where they were playing, and we got tickets and just went as simple as that. We went to the venue pretty late, and loafted there for a while because we had to be escorted into the venue gates. When we got there, the front of the stage was already heavily packed, which sort of ruined my vibe. Plus, it was slightly drizzling and rather cold for day. We stayed to the left of the stage, pretty close, but in my opinion not close enough. The concert started and let me tell you, I was blown away. I hate to say it, but I was crazy fangirling, and my friend and I pushed ourselves through the crowd (I’m sorry, I hate people like me too) and by the end of the night, we were basically right in front of the stage. Yup, I felt like I was playing rugby during the concert, with the constant pushing and let’s not begin about the sweaty bodies. Fans were crazy, and so was I, that’s what made it such a memorable night. And oh, saving rock and roll was pretty rad too. Here are just some photos highlighting the wicked night.



Henna What?

Henna is basically a shrub from the plant Lawsonia Inermis. It holds red dye that stains or prints on any surface when contact is made. Many people use henna on their hands for beautiful temporary designs which look amazing, but my idea was a little more modern. I saw that my friend recently got one done, and was starting to think about getting one. I’ve gotten one done in summer 2012, and had a quote written on my back. I went on my cruise, and had gotten a lot of compliments because of it. Due to that pass experience, I really wanted to get it done again. So, I bought a cone at a nearby spa and headed over to my friends to let her henna me up.  The cone I bought was only $5, and well it lasted when I finished my 3 tattoos and not including my friends’ 4 tattoos. So a total of 7 tats, and still there’s some left in the cone. Another reason why I wanted to get myself tattooed was just because I’m going on another cruise, and it’ll be great to have a little different on me. I hope that it’ll last up to the end of next week, but I’m not too sure it will. It usually lasts from 1 to 2 weeks but it depends on body temperature level, where it’s applied and how often I was that area. But hey, if it starts fading, I guess I’ll just retrace it once more before I leave. So as I said before, I chose to do something a bit more modern than just hands and feet. I decided to do one on my wrist, hand and back. My first henna tattoo idea was taken by one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus: BeautyCrush. Her wrist tattoo was basically a mandala design. It looks really cool, and I hope to get something similar one day.


So I put the paste on my skin, and waited about 10ish hours before taking it off along with my hand one. The hand design was just something that I wanted to get done, and never had a plan for it. I just liked the idea of having a tattoo across my finger. Then for my final tattoo my inspiration came from an actual tattoo. I’ve seen girls everywhere online rocking a dream catcher tattoo and I was just like, why not? I mean it doesn’t last forever, and so far I love it. I got it done by my talented friends, and it turned out to be better than I thought. It looks great, and I’m just so happy with it. Unfortunately, I wore the paste for my dream catcher tattoo for 20 hours to make sure that I had the darkest color on my back. From past experience, I left it on for 10 and it didn’t get pass a light brown shade. Which is okay, but I rather much have something dark brown. Anyways, this my little family of temporary tattoos:




If I have to say so myself, they’re perfect and I can’t wait to rock them in Florida! At least in hot sun where I can sun bathe all day and show off these beauties. What do you guys think about the henna?

A Day @ Kensington Market

Another Helen Day! We headed downtown once again to travel the streets of Kensington Market. Our reason for this mission was simply to buy a pair of overalls. Some might say that we’re joking, but we’re dead serious. We think overalls are adorable, and we can’t wait to style them! Surprisingly we found them quite quickly at a little shop and snatched them up right away. We bought them for approximately 35 dollars, and they were just everything we were hoping for. Right after our lucky buy, we decided to shop a little before we found a cute little place to settle down and grab some grub.




IMG_8851After our long walk through vintage shop after vintage shop, we had came to the conclusion that the overalls were satisfying enough. We then headed to a cute little place called the “Tasty Corner” to grab some early dinner. We mainly chose the place because of the cute wallpaper and graffiti. It was an open environment which I enjoyed, and it just was a place that I’d love to go to more often.






Fotor081621341VEGGIE WRAP

Fotor081621434Leather Jacket: Helen’s Closet

Top: Garage

Skirt: American Apparel

Sandals: Ardene’s

Summer Fest Tour: We The Kings, Breathe Carolina, T. Mills, The Ready Set and Keep It Cute

It might seem insane that I keep feeding my concert addiction, but it’s honestly the one thing that keeps my life entertaining. Nothing compares to live music, although it’s pretty much emptied my bank account. It’s like a thrill that begins one week in advance and lasts throughout the night. The downside is that post concert depression sorta hits right away the next morning. Even now, just the realization that I won’t be seeing another band for another good month kinda bums me out. But, I guess in the moment of the concert, there was nowhere else I’d rather be, so I guess I’m happy. It’s been about 4 days since the concert, and I’m still not off of all the excitement that was booming last Tuesday. It all began with the not so exciting Tuesday morning at 8 AM. I got ready while listening to the bands’ music to get pumped up. Then headed to the Opera House downtown with my friend Helen, to line up to enter at 6 PM. We arrived approximately at 11 AM and waited outside for 7 and a half hours. I still don’t know how I survived those hours, but I’m glad I did. We finally got to enter the venue, and well the party began:

IMG_8876           IMG_8877


IMG_8878This is Keep It Cute, and they are rather cute if I have to say so myself. The puns that I could come up for this band are horribly cheesy, so I’ll just say that they’re worth listening to. They’re great at what they do, and they are the most genuine guys I’ve ever met. They are so down to earth, and it’s great to see that kind of people in the music industry. I can’t wait to hear when they get signed cause I know they will. Also let me mention the fact that basically half of the band consists of only 18 year old boys (isn’t that insane?). This only makes me feel like I’m actually doing NOTHING with my life as a teenager.

IMG_8927Then we saw The Ready Set Perform, and they were great! Although I haven’t been listening to their for very long I will be definitely listening to them in the future.  Their song, “Give Me Your Hand” was the first I’ve ever listened to, and I automatically fell in love with the song. It’s catchy and upbeat which I love, and plus the music video hooked me. I love the concept of mixing sign language into the video, and I actually learned it. Yup, I have that much time on my hands. It actually sparked part of the reason why I’m learning sign language right now. It’s just something fun, and it was really exciting to hear it live in concert. It basically took every inch of my body not to sign to the lyrics, but it was nice to be singing and dancing along.

Fotor08162351Next up we had Travis Mills to perform up on stage!

Fotor0817113621Then Breathe Carolina blew me away. I was never anticipating such a hyped set, but it was honestly the time of my life. Everyone was going crazy for every damn song, and they knew how to have fun. I mean he crowd surfed, if that doesn’t scream fun I don’t know what does. Everything from the black lights to their songs, everyone was going nuts. I  just love that environment, and it was a definite high of the night. Plus it really pumped me up for We The Kings.

IMG_8901And then this happened… We The Kings happened. My heart dropped when I saw them, and I still remember the moment. It was a pretty damn magical night watching them perform.


IMG_8931Can I just say how cute Travis looks when he puts his hair in a little knot?



















IMG_8932I couldn’t have asked for a better set list and a better band. They were amazing, and I hope to see them again in the near future. It was a night to remember forever.

IMG_8909Straight after the concert, my friend and I decided to go to the We The Kings merch table to check out what they had. In the middle of lining up, I saw Kevin from Keep It Cute and asked him for a picture. I’m not even going to lie that I didn’t know his name until after the concert, but hey at least I know it now. We snapped a photo, and he was really sweet.

IMG_8910After not purchasing anything at the We The Kings merchandise table (they didn’t have anything left), Helen and I decided to leave. We headed out into the direction we were suppose to, but stopped midway because I was being indecisive if I should take a picture with the lead singer of Keep It Cute who was only standing a couple meters away. Unfortunately he went back inside so we just started walking, until we saw Kevin and Aldo. We spoke with them for a little while talking about how it’s like to travel, and even their post concert ritual. They were unbelievably down to earth and genuine guys. Both of them were so so very nice, and I really hope to see them again sometime.


After some Keep It Cute fans wanted signatures from Kevin and Aldo, Helen and I stayed back so we could at least say bye. Meanwhile, I finally got the chance to take a picture with Ryan and Matt who were very sweet as well. Later we even got the opportunity to take an Instagram video with Ryan and Aldo. But life hates me, and my phone deleted the video.


Yup this was me and I screwed up big time.

& check out my Summer Fest outfit post! https://loveoverlust.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/summer-fest-tour-outfit/

Summer Fest Tour: Outfit


Okay so maybe I’ve been a little concert crazy and my addiction has gotten out of hand. I just can’t stop myself, and these band are too good to pass up! But lucky me, after my previous experience in the concert scene. I’ve learned a bit here and there, especially how to dress properly for the event. I’m so glad I wore what I did because I was super comfortable, and mostly warm considering how damn cold Toronto was yesterday.


CREEPERS: Although they are quite hefty, they are for sure one of the sturdiest shoes I’ve ever worn. Heaviness is a definite con, but the height makes it all worth it. It’s great to have an extra little growth without having to pull out a heel.

DOC MARTENS: Same as the creepers, they are definitely very hard and sturdy. Plus they are without the con, and are super comfortable. They also have a little heel, so it’s best of both worlds.


I wore this light weight dress to make sure I felt comfortable all night. The dress is soft, and it has a slit! It was basically a little ventilation slit for my body to cool down after burning inside the venue. I also wore my over-sized shawl just because I was scared that it would get a little cold, but it was unnecessary for a jacket. The plaid shirt around my waist was a life saver when I got back east and it was freezing. Then my creepers were the perfect height boost. It’s just great to be taller for one day.

Dress: Aritzia (Wilfred)

Plaid Shirt: Garage

Shawl: Garage

Creepers: Karmaloop

Necklace: Forever 21


Tank: Brandy Melville

Plaid Shirt: Salvation Army

Leather Vest: Forever 21

Denim High-wasited Shorts: Salvation Army

Belt: Goodwill

Docs: Little Burgundy


New Do

Fotor0815142241So if you’ve read my blog post about the pixie cut, you should be quite aware that I wanted to chop off all my hair. In hopes to have the bravery to do so, I unfortunately did not. I went to Natural Solutions, fully prepared and ready to get my hair shaved off last March. But, she didn’t even do it. She kept talking me out of it, and I let her. It was stupid, and I should have stuck with my gut instead. So after she persuaded me into cutting my hair into the bob. I had to make do with the long a symmetrical bob cut.


My first hair cut that I got in March!  Although it was a huge change, I still wanted it shorter. I had to admit cutting off more than 10 inches was a pretty cray, but I’m glad I did it. It kinda sucks that, but I guess not getting a pixie was a blessing in disguise.




Disney Media Networks International Upfronts 2013 - Arrivals

6 months later (now), I have finally decided, short hair suits me better. I loved my long hair and there are some days that I feel like I was prettier with long hair. But whatever, there’s something about short hair that gives me confidence. So recently, I’ve pulled on my big girl pants, and marched into the hair salon and got it cut. Not as short as a pixie, but I’m working my way there. I’m just taking cautionary just cause prom is this year, and I really don’t feel like screwing with my hair. So I cut my hair into a really short bob. My inspiration came from the very very beautiful Chelsea Kane Staub, who is also in one of my favorite shows at the moment: Baby Daddy. She’s so pretty, and when I saw her hair on the show, I had to cut it shorter. Although I don’t look anything like Chelsea, I kinda wanted to take the risk and do it. I never even planned to do it that day, but I did it anyways. No appointment, no nothing. I just went in and got it cut. The hairdresser was much nicer than the first, and was more understanding. She was very sweet, and the service was great. So now I have uber short hair, and it feels pretty insane to feel just one inch of hair at the back of my neck. Who knew I’d love short hair so much?

IMG_8920[1] IMG_8921[1]

so now this is my new hair, and well what do you guys think?

The Heist Tour: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis / OOTN

After my post concert depression, I’ve seriously wanted to get back into this whole concert vibe! Just my luck, my friend bought tickets to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in concert! So this officially makes this summer, the best summer ever. Although this is not usually the genre of music I listen to, I really do appreciate music that has a lot of real in it. When I listen to his music whole heartedly, it feels very raw. I was first introduced to Macklemore by the infamous “Thrift Shop” song. I’m sad to say, I jumped on the bandwagon and started listening to him. Then later I had “Same Love” playing repeatedly on my iPhone and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I always thought the song was sad, but the more I listen to it, it’s very empowering. Although I am straight and christian, there’s something about this song that I can relate to. I think it’s just something that tells you to be yourself, and that’s okay, or at least enough. When I heard it during an IAPS documentary trip about a 14-year-old boy named, Larry King who was murdered by a classmate because he was gay and I couldn’t hold back the tears. The more and more I listen to him, the more inspired I feel.

So on August 2, I saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Echo Beach. When we got there at 7:30, the place was decently packed, but the concert did start at 8. Soon the place was quite intimate, and then became too close for comfort. The sad part is, we weren’t even close up to the stage, and was rather far. Also being the 5’3 stump I am, super tall boys were all I saw that night. Occasionally I had glimpses of them, but I was basically watching through the screens of iPhones that were taking pictures or recording. But I did take some pictures, but this concert I tried to enjoy myself more than capture the moment.

Overall it was a different environment, and feel to the concert. I usually dedicate my entire day to the concert and line up or whatever, but I didn’t this time, and it kinda sucks. I wish I went earlier, cause I saw zip. As much as Macklemore and Ryan did an amazing job the funniest part of the night was having to experience a couple constantly making out behind me, meeting some new friends and spending the night with my friend’s hilarious mom and aunt. Anyways, here are some pictures of my night!








Fotor0806141444 Fotor0806141453

Necklace: Forever 21

Cropped Long Sleeve: Forever 21

Skirt: Brandy Melville

Studded Flats: Ardene

Assorted Rings: Aldo/Forever 21

Nails: Sally Hansen (420: Pacific Blue)

Fotor0806141627 Fotor0806141538

Brandy What?


Yeah, I’m talking about Brandy Melville. The Italian originated store finally moves to Toronto, first on Queen Street and now even closer than ever to Scarborough Town Centre. As much as I hate this mall, I’ve grown to appreciate how much STC has grown. Through their renovation from stores to general decor, I have got to say that I’m impressed. Since many stores have been added to the directory, stores like Aritzia and Forever 21 my wallet has suffered a dear amount. And now that we have Brandy Melville, tears stream down my face as I say that my wallet will be a whole lot lighter. I’m also very cautious with the fact that every girl will wear the same damn thing now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t love their clothes, I’m just scared that graphic tees that say “stay weird” and “doin hoodrat thangs” will take over Scarborough now.

 Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.31.54 PM

 I’m sort of a hypocrite because in fact, I really do like some of their clothes. Yet not really because I like their more unique and trendy pieces more than the graphics. Although some material might be questionable, for the most part I love the style. I’m especially appreciating the chiyo bra, and I wear it with basically everything and anything. It looks amazing with a backless top or dress. Got to admit that it might be a little too cropped by itself, but honestly this top is made for those stick thin super models, so instead I do pair it with an actual piece of clothing.


ONESIZEBut I gotta say, as much as I like some of their stuff, one size? what on earth were they thinking? I understand if the sizes were all mediums because it could potentially fit a small or large but nope! Apparently when they mean one size fits all, they’re only talking to the ladies with the xs or s bodies. I see that some types of garments could be one size such as sweaters or cardigans but other than that I don’t see a point to this “one size fits all” nonsense. In stores I’ve also seen a sign which said, “one size fits most” and I think it sounds worse than one size fits all! They’re actually specifying that it’s not suppose to fit everyone. Well that’s I don’t think that’s a smart marketing strategy. It’s just sad to see how a modern store like this could put this image out to the generation knowing that little girls begin dieting at unbelievable young ages. And because of our concentration with looking “fat” and “skinny”, Brandy is probably the worst store to go into for a self esteem boost.


Not to mention just this one flaw, but Brandy really needs to figure out their hiring process. I don’t doubt that those in higher positions in the stores have experience, and even some sales, but all in all the hiring experience I’ve heard is pretty unfair. As I said, Brandy Melville recently opened at STC, and of course they needed new hires to do the job! My lovely friends went, and surprisingly didn’t get the job. They told me that they did group interviews of 15 girls at once (understandable, there were a lot girls). It was only a minute or so, to ask for their name, 1 word to describe yourself and a full time or part time. And that was it! Then one got called back to get interviewed and she was over the moon. So she went all the way downtown, and they didn’t even conduct a proper interview. I’m not an interviewer, but I’m pretty sure asking two questions doesn’t pass as an interview! I mean she came all the way downtown, and really? I understand that Brandy is new but I’m pretty sure they would want to hire people who would do the job right and not just a perfect face. Don’t get me wrong, my friends are absolutely beautiful AND they have job experience, so I really don’t get it. Call me crazy, but I think they fit perfectly into that Brandy Melville look. I guess they can just miss out on some amazing employees. What do you guys think?

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