Being a little weather confused last night, I wore my army green pleather sleeved jacket in -6 degree weather. And of course, I basically froze to death. Although it wasn’t one of my smartest decisions, I love this jacket nonetheless. This Garage Clothing parka jacket for $69.90 (+ employee discount) acts as a cheaper dupe to Zara’s dreamy $79.99 jacket. Personally, I love this jacket, the two toned sleeves make the piece more grungy and is very on trend with the military inspired look. I can’t wait to keep styling this jacket throughout the spring, and into the fall.


GARAGE                                                      ZARA                                                                                                 TOPSHOP


Underneath I wore a  mauve chiffon long sleeve from Forever 21, paired with a Brandy Melville’s Natalie bralette. For pants, I wore my high-waisted black Riding Pant from American Apparel and finished the look off with some gold accessories.


Blasting back to the 60’s. Sure you can see these on your grandma, but these Forever 21 steals are absolutely adorable. They look vintage, and they’re gold, so what’s there not to love? The size is just obnoxious enough to grab someone’s attention, but subtle if you keep them slightly covered by your hair.

Fotor0127120331Base: Demeure (229) by Revlon / Crackle: Snow Blast (01) by Sally Hansen

Thanks so much for reading!


17 thoughts on “OOTD

  1. Love your earrings and your outfit too! 😉 Thanks for visiting my blog, it means a lot to me! Thanks so much 😉 xox

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