YAY my creepers finally arrived in the mail! I’ve been longing after these platforms ever since I saw them on my favorite youtuber (clothesencounters).


I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but without a doubt they’re edgy and personally I think that they’re absolutely adorable. My mom thinks that these shoes are just hilariously ugly, but at least some of my friends support my love for these shoes. I bought these T.U.K creepers on Karmaloop an online store where they brands like: Jeffrey Campbell, Deandri and Dr. Martens. I purchased these platforms on their site thinking that it was a real steal considering the original price is $70. I got them for $54 but unfortunately I did not consider the duties and tax that was needed to be paid for when being delivered the parcel. All in all, what I’m saying I screwed up! Without considering the final price, I’m loving the shoes! I bought them in a size 8 thinking that they would fit, but they’re actually a little too large for me. So, thick socks are going my savior until my feet magically grow a bit larger. Plus, I never thought that they would be so heavy! They’re like 5 pounds each, so I’m hoping if all goes well, I’ll be fashionable and have toned legs. Although the situation seems a like there are a lot of complications and negative thoughts on the entire purchase, but overall, I love them! I can’t wait to start styling these platforms and mixing them with girly pieces or edgy pieces for two separate looks.

Let me know what your opinion on creepers are!


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