Keep The Good Times Rolling


After a long awaited year, school’s out, and summer has begun. So, I bought a penny board to fill the empty void when days get anything less than exciting. My obsession for penny boards started with another obsession, obviously (If you know me, I get quite obsessed sometimes). This obsession was more of a crush over Jack and Finn Harries. If you don’t know who they are, you have seriously been living under a rock ( They are two uber attractive young men, who are double the trouble, but also double the quirkiness and everything in between. After watching their videos of them penny boarding, my friend and I were instantly hooked onto the idea. She bought her’s and well, we tried riding it. The thing is, we haven’t rode one ever before, so we knew that we were destined to fail the first day. Nonetheless, she bought it and after a couple of wounds here and there, uhhh we still couldn’t ride the damn thing! Honestly, I felt like I was about to die every time I stepped foot onto the board, but after a serious movie moment fall, I have grown to be one with the board. Now, I can somewhat ride it without falling flat on my face. After riding my friend’s penny board for a good half a year, I finally got my own!  So even though penny boards come in various colors, I chose the glow in the dark for the plain reason of it being glow in the dark, duh. But the thing is, is that it has a white deck which makes it easy to color with sharpies! At first I was apprehensive of the idea of coloring the board with permanent market, but I saw a really sick photo online of it colored and I knew I had to do it. I bought 3 sharpies from Walmart, a lilac, turquoise and magenta to color the board. I really had no idea how I wanted to design it so I just went ahead and did it. I think it turned out alright, what do you think?



IMG_6497Summer has just begun and I’m stoked for what summer 2013 has planned for me. Either it be filled with happy or sad memories, I hope to have the best summer ever (time to finish a summer bucket list!). Which means, I hope this penny board keeps the good times rolling!



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