Brandy What?


Yeah, I’m talking about Brandy Melville. The Italian originated store finally moves to Toronto, first on Queen Street and now even closer than ever to Scarborough Town Centre. As much as I hate this mall, I’ve grown to appreciate how much STC has grown. Through their renovation from stores to general decor, I have got to say that I’m impressed. Since many stores have been added to the directory, stores like Aritzia and Forever 21 my wallet has suffered a dear amount. And now that we have Brandy Melville, tears stream down my face as I say that my wallet will be a whole lot lighter. I’m also very cautious with the fact that every girl will wear the same damn thing now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t love their clothes, I’m just scared that graphic tees that say “stay weird” and “doin hoodrat thangs” will take over Scarborough now.

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 I’m sort of a hypocrite because in fact, I really do like some of their clothes. Yet not really because I like their more unique and trendy pieces more than the graphics. Although some material might be questionable, for the most part I love the style. I’m especially appreciating the chiyo bra, and I wear it with basically everything and anything. It looks amazing with a backless top or dress. Got to admit that it might be a little too cropped by itself, but honestly this top is made for those stick thin super models, so instead I do pair it with an actual piece of clothing.


ONESIZEBut I gotta say, as much as I like some of their stuff, one size? what on earth were they thinking? I understand if the sizes were all mediums because it could potentially fit a small or large but nope! Apparently when they mean one size fits all, they’re only talking to the ladies with the xs or s bodies. I see that some types of garments could be one size such as sweaters or cardigans but other than that I don’t see a point to this “one size fits all” nonsense. In stores I’ve also seen a sign which said, “one size fits most” and I think it sounds worse than one size fits all! They’re actually specifying that it’s not suppose to fit everyone. Well that’s I don’t think that’s a smart marketing strategy. It’s just sad to see how a modern store like this could put this image out to the generation knowing that little girls begin dieting at unbelievable young ages. And because of our concentration with looking “fat” and “skinny”, Brandy is probably the worst store to go into for a self esteem boost.


Not to mention just this one flaw, but Brandy really needs to figure out their hiring process. I don’t doubt that those in higher positions in the stores have experience, and even some sales, but all in all the hiring experience I’ve heard is pretty unfair. As I said, Brandy Melville recently opened at STC, and of course they needed new hires to do the job! My lovely friends went, and surprisingly didn’t get the job. They told me that they did group interviews of 15 girls at once (understandable, there were a lot girls). It was only a minute or so, to ask for their name, 1 word to describe yourself and a full time or part time. And that was it! Then one got called back to get interviewed and she was over the moon. So she went all the way downtown, and they didn’t even conduct a proper interview. I’m not an interviewer, but I’m pretty sure asking two questions doesn’t pass as an interview! I mean she came all the way downtown, and really? I understand that Brandy is new but I’m pretty sure they would want to hire people who would do the job right and not just a perfect face. Don’t get me wrong, my friends are absolutely beautiful AND they have job experience, so I really don’t get it. Call me crazy, but I think they fit perfectly into that Brandy Melville look. I guess they can just miss out on some amazing employees. What do you guys think?

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8 thoughts on “Brandy What?

  1. I totally agree with your statements about Brandy Melville. Awkward, because I do love some of their clothes (ie. their floral dresses, crop tops, bandeaus etc) but I really am not a fan of their sizing and the graphic tees. I have a problem with shirts that say “Doin Hoodrat Thangs’ because it seems to be glamourizing that culture, and well, I’ll bet many of the people wearing the shirts don’t really understand that way of living either.

    But yeah, I live in the Scarborough area too and I’d just like to say that STC is really shaping up with their renovations!

    • That’s exactly what I think too! I can’t help myself purchasing clothing from there, but I do feel a bit guilty. 😦 Yup, STC is turning out pretty great!

  2. I completely agree with every point you mentioned. Brandy has quite a few pieces I would buy, but I absolutely cannot stand their customer service and store atmosphere. I’ve also noticed that the moon tank is overwhelmingly popular and shirts that say “bitch don’t kill my vibe” make me cringe.

    Great post! Your friends are definitely the Brandy Babe type!

  3. Your post was very much on point. One of my best friends who goes to school in LA – which is where the brand started in the US, I believe – shares your sentiments on Brandy expanding to more local places across the country, and now Canada. One of her complaints was that everyone will be wearing the clothes, and not even understand where it comes from, or how to really wear it. I was actually just shopping in Brandy yesterday in SoHo, and that thought rang true, as I saw most other shoppers were young tweens shopping simply over the craze of the store and not because of their own individual styles.
    Also, “one size fits most?” Totally false. My little sister owns a little black dress from Brandy which is super tight on her, and she’s an XS! Imagine how it “fits” other girls. They’re really trying to put out a message out there with their sizing technique, but it’s not a very nice or inclusive one.

    Your post was so relatable and true; good to know someone out there understands!

    • Thank you! I’m sure the brand originated as an Italian brand (, but I guess it’s more popular in the states. Yeah, honestly I get scared to try something on at brandy just because I’m not sure if I could even pull it over my head. But I think if they changed up their sizing, I could be a little more reasonable. Thanks again for checking out this post! ❤

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