New Do

Fotor0815142241So if you’ve read my blog post about the pixie cut, you should be quite aware that I wanted to chop off all my hair. In hopes to have the bravery to do so, I unfortunately did not. I went to Natural Solutions, fully prepared and ready to get my hair shaved off last March. But, she didn’t even do it. She kept talking me out of it, and I let her. It was stupid, and I should have stuck with my gut instead. So after she persuaded me into cutting my hair into the bob. I had to make do with the long a symmetrical bob cut.


My first hair cut that I got in March!  Although it was a huge change, I still wanted it shorter. I had to admit cutting off more than 10 inches was a pretty cray, but I’m glad I did it. It kinda sucks that, but I guess not getting a pixie was a blessing in disguise.




Disney Media Networks International Upfronts 2013 - Arrivals

6 months later (now), I have finally decided, short hair suits me better. I loved my long hair and there are some days that I feel like I was prettier with long hair. But whatever, there’s something about short hair that gives me confidence. So recently, I’ve pulled on my big girl pants, and marched into the hair salon and got it cut. Not as short as a pixie, but I’m working my way there. I’m just taking cautionary just cause prom is this year, and I really don’t feel like screwing with my hair. So I cut my hair into a really short bob. My inspiration came from the very very beautiful Chelsea Kane Staub, who is also in one of my favorite shows at the moment: Baby Daddy. She’s so pretty, and when I saw her hair on the show, I had to cut it shorter. Although I don’t look anything like Chelsea, I kinda wanted to take the risk and do it. I never even planned to do it that day, but I did it anyways. No appointment, no nothing. I just went in and got it cut. The hairdresser was much nicer than the first, and was more understanding. She was very sweet, and the service was great. So now I have uber short hair, and it feels pretty insane to feel just one inch of hair at the back of my neck. Who knew I’d love short hair so much?

IMG_8920[1] IMG_8921[1]

so now this is my new hair, and well what do you guys think?

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