Summer Fest Tour: Outfit


Okay so maybe I’ve been a little concert crazy and my addiction has gotten out of hand. I just can’t stop myself, and these band are too good to pass up! But lucky me, after my previous experience in the concert scene. I’ve learned a bit here and there, especially how to dress properly for the event. I’m so glad I wore what I did because I was super comfortable, and mostly warm considering how damn cold Toronto was yesterday.


CREEPERS: Although they are quite hefty, they are for sure one of the sturdiest shoes I’ve ever worn. Heaviness is a definite con, but the height makes it all worth it. It’s great to have an extra little growth without having to pull out a heel.

DOC MARTENS: Same as the creepers, they are definitely very hard and sturdy. Plus they are without the con, and are super comfortable. They also have a little heel, so it’s best of both worlds.


I wore this light weight dress to make sure I felt comfortable all night. The dress is soft, and it has a slit! It was basically a little ventilation slit for my body to cool down after burning inside the venue. I also wore my over-sized shawl just because I was scared that it would get a little cold, but it was unnecessary for a jacket. The plaid shirt around my waist was a life saver when I got back east and it was freezing. Then my creepers were the perfect height boost. It’s just great to be taller for one day.

Dress: Aritzia (Wilfred)

Plaid Shirt: Garage

Shawl: Garage

Creepers: Karmaloop

Necklace: Forever 21


Tank: Brandy Melville

Plaid Shirt: Salvation Army

Leather Vest: Forever 21

Denim High-wasited Shorts: Salvation Army

Belt: Goodwill

Docs: Little Burgundy



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