A Day @ Kensington Market

Another Helen Day! We headed downtown once again to travel the streets of Kensington Market. Our reason for this mission was simply to buy a pair of overalls. Some might say that we’re joking, but we’re dead serious. We think overalls are adorable, and we can’t wait to style them! Surprisingly we found them quite quickly at a little shop and snatched them up right away. We bought them for approximately 35 dollars, and they were just everything we were hoping for. Right after our lucky buy, we decided to shop a little before we found a cute little place to settle down and grab some grub.




IMG_8851After our long walk through vintage shop after vintage shop, we had came to the conclusion that the overalls were satisfying enough. We then headed to a cute little place called the “Tasty Corner” to grab some early dinner. We mainly chose the place because of the cute wallpaper and graffiti. It was an open environment which I enjoyed, and it just was a place that I’d love to go to more often.






Fotor081621341VEGGIE WRAP

Fotor081621434Leather Jacket: Helen’s Closet

Top: Garage

Skirt: American Apparel

Sandals: Ardene’s

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