Save Rock and Roll: Outfit

If you know me, you know that I’m pretty much a mess and that I can never find the right piece of clothing anywhere, anytime. That’s a huge uh oh for me, because well… I can’t find anything when I need it! Knowing my downfall, the day before I spent my night picking out an outfit! Then I of course had to change it because I was and am oh so indecisive. I can’t make a serious decision for my life, so I spent the morning before the concert searching for the perfect outfit with a friend. With the help of my fashionista friend, I think it turned out perfect. Which worked out really well, because I had a pretty good darn night.


20130918-174614.jpgThis is my overall outfit, cozy and comfortable just the way I like it. It was warm enough to withstand this insane bipolar Canadian weather, and comfortable to be jumping in all night. I loved the little slit on this midi dress, cause it’s just an extra touch that makes this outfit really trendy and modern. The knit sweater kept me warm all night and the leather jacket was an extra barrier protecting me from the chills. The scarf was a life saver keeping me warm, and in my opinion rather cute and not weather confused (I tend to be half the time). And of course, the boots were perfect for the sandy environment and the little heel helped too… trust I need all the extra height that I can get.

Dress: Mendocino

Knit Sweater: Forever 21

Leather Jacket: H&M

Scarf: Wilfred

Combat Boots: Charlotte Russe

Tote Bag: Michael Kors


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