R.I.P Cory Monteith


I wish I could wake up and call it a bad dream, but in reality it’s happening all too quickly. I can barley cough up what I want to say because my heart wrenches at the thought of all this. 31 year old, Cory Monteith passed away in his room on the 21st floor of the Fairmount Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver around noon on July 13. I woke up and this is what I saw on Twitter and in that moment and this as well as for days to come, my heart reaches out to Lea, his family, friends, and my fellow gleeks. Although we all knew him as Finn Hudson on ‘glee’, his work outside of work has always stood out to me. As much as I love his quirky and loving character on glee, I think Cory shared the same characteristics and then some. He always wore a smile, and although I never knew him, knew him. I’d like to believe that he was always like that. And although he had a troubled past, I have so much respect for him when he openly announced that he would be going to rehab for a drug problem. I just wish he stayed cleaned for a little longer to have gotten help. But honestly, I just want to remember him as the boy who praised a piece of grilled cheese.

I want to remember Cory as the person that I saw him from Glee. The boy that fought hard and long for his dreams, that although he might have gotten lost along the way he always got back on track. He taught me how to forgive at times that seem the hardest to do so, to find someone who loves you, never to settle for less and that to having friends that support one another are of the biggest gifts of life. I honestly don’t know how I will ever watch Glee again. I hope that even though he’s not here anymore that people who watch Glee’s earlier season remember how happy he’s made you. Or at least has made gleeks. It might sound cheesy and weird but during tough times, Glee has always been there for me. I get so upset that although he never knew I existed, that he saved me somehow without knowing it. I just wish that people like me had a chance to help him. It might sound crazy, but that’s just what I think. And I know this post is sort of late but I wrote this on the 13, and drafted it till now. I just didn’t feel like posting it until I saw that Lea Michele broke her silence and tweeted about Cory. It just sucks all and all to know that he’s gone.


8123 Tour: The Maine, A Rocket to the Moon, This Century and Brighten


It was honestly one of the best days of my life. It all began last summer when I was first introduced to The Maine by a couple of friends in a band that played the same genre of music. At first, I wasn’t too sure that I would be into the entire rock alternative scene, but I honestly loved it. I started out listening to their older tunes, and their music was strangely addictive. From their witty lyrics to the amazing guitar riffs, I couldn’t stop listening to them. Along with their music, I can’t ignore the fact that The Maine is undeniably good-looking. At first I didn’t pay much attention to how they looked, but more on their music. Now, I can’t watch one of their music videos without wanting to marry each and every one of them. Sounds like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not.

Then just this year when I was aimlessly surfing the internet, I ran across a song titled “Happy” and I loved it. It was genuine, raw, carefree and everything a song should be. When I figured out that it was the Maine, I knew that they would find some way to crawl back into my life and rape my entire iTunes. Honestly, I shouldn’t be surprised about their accomplishments as a band. They are talented, funny, sweet, and everything I could ask for and so much more (you’d get that if you were a maniac). Now that they’ve debuted their new album Forever Halloween, the world is a better place. Jk, but seriously, it’s one hell of a good album.

After loving the CD, I honestly couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them in concert! I asked a friend to go with me and sadly we sort of loafted on purchasing tickets (oopsie!), and when it was too late… well it was too late. I have no idea why I waited so long, but I did! So my friend and I searched the Kijiji instead. BLESS THE UNIVERSE, we found tickets for $20/each. The tickets seemed a little sketchy, but honestly I was dying for tickets and would do anything for one. I sent my friend to meet up with him, and the tickets were authentic! From that point on, the rest was history.

On June 13, my friend and I went and lined up approximately 7 hours before the concert at 11. Then the waiting game began! Hours dragged by, then we saw the tour bus. The tour bus basically stopped in the middle of the street which led to a huge traffic jam because there were only two lanes.  It was sort of sad to see the poor cars having to figure out a route towards the coming traffic. It was only 15-30 minutes that the Maine had arrived at the venue, and they’ve already caused so much chaos. While that was all happening, Pat was being a little tease and jumped out of the bus and ran across the street. Girls screamed, of course and then he ran back inside.


Eventually the traffic cleared up after the tour bus parked into their unloading area. Next thing I knew, I hear screams and John is out taking pictures with the fans. Honestly, that’s when my chin dropped straight to the concrete. My friend and I ran straight over, and we took photos. We said a casual hi, and we snapped a picture. Just reminiscing about it gives me goosebumps. Cause although he doesn’t remember me, I definitely do. Just the fact he was right beside me, butterflies still flutter in my stomach. It might sound crazy, but it meant the world to me. He’s such an inspiration, talent and well let’s not forget good-looking. But it wasn’t how I imagined it to be, but oh well. But hey, the good news doesn’t stop there! After the pictures were taken, and they came back from their acoustic signing, I hear all the girls murmuring as I also see John and Kennedy casually walking to get food. Not that I’m saying Toronto isn’t a safe city, but if I saw these guys walking down the street as casually as they were, I’d jump them.

As more time flew by, spending it with people who like the same music as you makes the time a whole lot easier to pass. Along with that, I was introduced to a new band called “Jocelyn”. I’m not really sure what impulsed me to buy their CD at the end of concert, but I couldn’t say no to his pretty face. Anyways, their band walked around speaking to all of us, giving us a little listen to their new EP which was actually pretty good. That took up a huge chunk of time, of waiting but I couldn’t help but want to get the waiting done with.

As soon as it was 5:30, the fun began and the concert was slowly approaching. As much friends as I made, it all changed when we all wanted one thing: front row tickets. And the tickets were general admission, which meant everybody for themselves. As much as I hate to say it, girls will be girls and we shove, scratch, push. Although it seems a little unlady like, these boys were worth it. We cheered every time someone walked on stage, and it was pretty hilarious. Soon, the opening act came out and the sweaty fun began with Brighten!


Brighten was the first to perform, and started the show undoubtedly memorable. Brighten is a pop rock band from Chico, California consisting of the brothers Justin Richards (lead vocals, guitar) and Jimmy Richards (drums) as well Alex Draper (backing vocals, bass). Unfortunately, I didn’t get many photos of them, and when I did they were mostly blurry, but I could still remember their flawless performance. Although I came to see the Maine attraction (sorry bad pun), I definitely became a fan of Brighten as well as the others through this process. Now my favorite song from Brighten is I’ll Be There from their album Peace and Quiet.


Next, This Century came on. This Century is a pop rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. It consists of members Joel Kanitz, Ryan Gose, Sean Silverman and Alex Silverman. At first, my feelings for this band were neutral, but now I have a really bad crush on them. Their music is amazing, and Joel’s voice is perfection.  When they started performing, I knew I heard them before because I could sing along to a couple of their songs. As they played a couple of their songs, they honestly hyped up the crowd so much. Joel was so close, and I touched him. As creepy as that sounds, I touched his abs and I can’t get over it (don’t judge me).


This is Joel and he’s such a hunk.


After This Cenutury, came A Rocket to the Moon (also known as ARTTM). ARTTM is a rock band formed in Braintree, Massachusetts and consists of Nick Santino (lead vocals, rhythm guitarist), Justin Richards *also of Brighten (guitar, backup vocals), Eric Halvorsen (bass, backup vocals) and Andrew Cook (drums). I couldn’t be more excited to see them in concert! I’ve always been a fan of theirs, but in a low-key kind of way. There were a couple of songs I were crazy about, and stayed crazy about even till now. I was pretty selective, but I have grown into their music a lot more now. Just because they were amazing in concert, and I couldn’t have asked for more. They played like we used to, which has been a huge favorite of mine 3 years ago. So, I am sad to say that ARTTM is breaking up… at least I saw them perform for the last time in Toronto. What a shame that they’re breaking up.


This is Eric Halvorsen and Justin Richards to beautifully handsome men.


Then finally… the headliners! The Maine came into a pitch black room, and the rest was too good, you had to be there to know how it felt. It was sweaty, disgusting, revolting and yet I loved every second of it. There are no words to describe how amazing The Maine was. So here are some pictures to tell you 1/100 of the story.







This is Willow dressed up as Garrett whipping his hair back and forth.




& At the end of the show, they all got on stage and rocked out.

If you want to check them out (you should!) here are their links:







Flower Child


“i want flowers around my head and love in my heart”



Summer’s here and I’m no longer going to pretend that I’m not loving this flower crown trend. Although, some might say that it’s too mainstream or hipster, I just genuinely think it’s romantic and pretty. Flower crowns can be subtle or all up in your face, but all in all, they look amazing with any outfit. They are the perfect summer accessory to make and we all know summer = DIY time. So, I decided to DIY this flower crown, because there is no reason to drop some serious cash and purchase one from Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. As much as I want to blow my hard-worked money on a 80 dollar flower crown, I thought I’d make one for less than $5. All you need is some fake flowers, some flower wire and that’s about it.  Enjoy some awkward photos of me posing with the crown. ♥♥♥


IMG_2846Other than flower crowns, I’ve also been gravitating towards anything floral. From clothing to house decor, I seem to be purchasing floral items more than I realized. This includes my fake floral Tory Burch phone case ehehe.










Last but not least, let’s not forget about the accessories that make an outfit! I love gold accents all year round, but especially during the summer because I think it looks amazing with tan skin. So I wear my rose gold Michael Kors watch everyday paired up with a spiked bracelet from Aldo to add some edge to the feminine outfits. I  also throw on some rings from Forever 21 and H&M because I can’t live without them. Alongside with my everyday loves, my new found love are gel nails. I don’t know if I’d call them an accessory, but I recently got my nails did and I can’t stop staring at them.  I did nails with my mom right after my last exam, I treated her and myself, and thought it was time for some pampering. For $40 I got nail extensions (short nails<) and a color of choice, which of course I chose a pale pink. It was definitely worth the $40, although sometimes it’s hard to use my phone and it’s definitely impossible to play guitar. Other than that, I want to get them done again!  Let me know what color I should get next time I get a manicure or what DIYs you have awaiting you this summer.

And special thanks to Julie C. who took the photos! Follow her on Instagram @julescxo and myself @carmswong ♥


Keep The Good Times Rolling


After a long awaited year, school’s out, and summer has begun. So, I bought a penny board to fill the empty void when days get anything less than exciting. My obsession for penny boards started with another obsession, obviously (If you know me, I get quite obsessed sometimes). This obsession was more of a crush over Jack and Finn Harries. If you don’t know who they are, you have seriously been living under a rock (http://www.youtube.com/user/JacksGap). They are two uber attractive young men, who are double the trouble, but also double the quirkiness and everything in between. After watching their videos of them penny boarding, my friend and I were instantly hooked onto the idea. She bought her’s and well, we tried riding it. The thing is, we haven’t rode one ever before, so we knew that we were destined to fail the first day. Nonetheless, she bought it and after a couple of wounds here and there, uhhh we still couldn’t ride the damn thing! Honestly, I felt like I was about to die every time I stepped foot onto the board, but after a serious movie moment fall, I have grown to be one with the board. Now, I can somewhat ride it without falling flat on my face. After riding my friend’s penny board for a good half a year, I finally got my own!  So even though penny boards come in various colors, I chose the glow in the dark for the plain reason of it being glow in the dark, duh. But the thing is, is that it has a white deck which makes it easy to color with sharpies! At first I was apprehensive of the idea of coloring the board with permanent market, but I saw a really sick photo online of it colored and I knew I had to do it. I bought 3 sharpies from Walmart, a lilac, turquoise and magenta to color the board. I really had no idea how I wanted to design it so I just went ahead and did it. I think it turned out alright, what do you think?



IMG_6497Summer has just begun and I’m stoked for what summer 2013 has planned for me. Either it be filled with happy or sad memories, I hope to have the best summer ever (time to finish a summer bucket list!). Which means, I hope this penny board keeps the good times rolling!





YAY my creepers finally arrived in the mail! I’ve been longing after these platforms ever since I saw them on my favorite youtuber (clothesencounters).


I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but without a doubt they’re edgy and personally I think that they’re absolutely adorable. My mom thinks that these shoes are just hilariously ugly, but at least some of my friends support my love for these shoes. I bought these T.U.K creepers on Karmaloop an online store where they brands like: Jeffrey Campbell, Deandri and Dr. Martens. I purchased these platforms on their site thinking that it was a real steal considering the original price is $70. I got them for $54 but unfortunately I did not consider the duties and tax that was needed to be paid for when being delivered the parcel. All in all, what I’m saying I screwed up! Without considering the final price, I’m loving the shoes! I bought them in a size 8 thinking that they would fit, but they’re actually a little too large for me. So, thick socks are going my savior until my feet magically grow a bit larger. Plus, I never thought that they would be so heavy! They’re like 5 pounds each, so I’m hoping if all goes well, I’ll be fashionable and have toned legs. Although the situation seems a like there are a lot of complications and negative thoughts on the entire purchase, but overall, I love them! I can’t wait to start styling these platforms and mixing them with girly pieces or edgy pieces for two separate looks.

Let me know what your opinion on creepers are!


Pixie What?


One of the hottest trends in hair, has broken loose and made long hair the new short hair. I’m not just talking about the casual bob or the shoulder length cut, but essentially a badass boy cut. For once in my life, I’m sick of my long hair. It takes too much effort to deal with a bird’s nest, and the ends of my hair are like branches ready to snap off. Therefore, I’m ready to embrace the new me. Over the past year, I have changed through my personality and definitely my sense of style. Although I’m still all for looking like Cinderella once in a while, I feel a little more mature and care less for how people perceive me. Instead of pleasing others, I’m fine with just looking good for myself. Plus, I’m sorta looking for a new physical identity, and get my life straight in order to finally look and feel how I want to. I just need to find the confidence first.

Shown on celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson. They rock their short doe easily, and it reflects on how they have changed subsequently throughout the years from being Hannah Montana and Hermione Granger, to full-grown women. In many interviews they have never felt more like themselves, and confident. Their hair cuts not only reflect their beauty on the outside, but frame their personalities as confident enough to show the world.

 To many people, the pixie cut isn’t the number one choice hair cut although it is getting quite popular. I feel like the pixie cut is masculine yet feminine. I love the look and texture of the hair, especially when it’s really short and layered. I know it sounds crazy to my friends that I want to cut off my belly button length locks, but I guess it’s just private logic. Yet, all at same time I feel as if I’m still on the fence. I think that my heart is telling to just do it, it’s not a big deal, it’s just hair. But, my brain is about to overload. I’m thinking too much, on relationships, prom, ect. I know that I’m not into having a relationship anytime soon, but right now, I think that how I feel pretty is by styling my long hair. And especially prom, that has a huge weighing factor on my decision. Prom is in a year and a couple of months away, and surely anyone will tell me that it’s more than enough time to grow out my hair. In my logic, I feel like it won’t. I know my hair, and it’s just going to get complicated and stressful with the time ticking down. It’s my senior next year, and an impossible stress free year, sounds like a blessed year to me. With all these factors accounted for, what’s next? A casual trim of my split ends? or something that I’ve wanted for a long time but have no guts to chop off?

Let me know what you think about the pixie cut!



Lookbook: Love is in the Air





On Febuary 14, it’s another day to recognize not those with a significant other but a day for those lonely souls to dwell over how depressing it is to be single. So this Valentines I won’t be wearing these outfits, but maybe some PJs along with a really great bunch of my friends. I hope that you draw some inspiration for your Valentine’s day outfit, and that if you don’t have your other half right now remember that love comes unexpectedly, so never lose hope.




Being a little weather confused last night, I wore my army green pleather sleeved jacket in -6 degree weather. And of course, I basically froze to death. Although it wasn’t one of my smartest decisions, I love this jacket nonetheless. This Garage Clothing parka jacket for $69.90 (+ employee discount) acts as a cheaper dupe to Zara’s dreamy $79.99 jacket. Personally, I love this jacket, the two toned sleeves make the piece more grungy and is very on trend with the military inspired look. I can’t wait to keep styling this jacket throughout the spring, and into the fall.


GARAGE                                                      ZARA                                                                                                 TOPSHOP


Underneath I wore a  mauve chiffon long sleeve from Forever 21, paired with a Brandy Melville’s Natalie bralette. For pants, I wore my high-waisted black Riding Pant from American Apparel and finished the look off with some gold accessories.


Blasting back to the 60’s. Sure you can see these on your grandma, but these Forever 21 steals are absolutely adorable. They look vintage, and they’re gold, so what’s there not to love? The size is just obnoxious enough to grab someone’s attention, but subtle if you keep them slightly covered by your hair.

Fotor0127120331Base: Demeure (229) by Revlon / Crackle: Snow Blast (01) by Sally Hansen

Thanks so much for reading!


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